National Celebrations as Learning Opportunities

#Teacher2Teacher  |  January 29, 2023
National Celebrations as Learning Opportunities

National Celebrations as Learning Opportunities

Every month, there are hundreds of national and international celebrations dedicated to raising awareness and support for meaningful causes and topics. It can be difficult to keep up with them all, but if you focus on identifying a few meaningful and relevant topics for the month, it can help guide lessons and real-life applications for your students.

As we begin to welcome in a new month, February, several awareness months are celebrated. Two topics that can be seamlessly merged into a diverse set of health and science lessons are “National Cancer Prevention Month” and “American Heart Month”.

By utilizing two topics already in circulation within the news, internet, and social media sources, you can tap into the intrigue and pertinent concepts for your students. As we approach the beginning of the month, consider building an entire month of health and science lessons, activities, and project-based learning opportunities that support these topics.

In order to make it a month-long series, take it one step further by broadening the topics of heart health and cancer prevention by exploring the various systems of the body. ClassOrbit has a great set of videos and lessons on the body systems you can utilize:

However you plan to imbed the national awareness months, weeks, and days, we admire your efforts and the dedication to your students. It is our hope that these emails provide resources, tools, and encouragement to all of our educators as you continue to educate our future leaders.

Happy Orbiting!

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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