Geography Jam

Rainy Day Recess

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Rainy Day Recess

Maximize classroom space and have fun with this invigorating program. Students will look forward to bad weather once they've experienced the Geography Jam and other new moves. Get heart rates up to refresh students and prepare them for more learning.

Rhythm and movement fun for recess on rainy days.

Students will participate in physical exercise. 1) Getting Personal Space: a) Students should clear their desks and the floor of any objects and then stand in the straight standing position behind their desks. b) Students should then stretch their arms so that they may secure their personal space. c) In addition, students should be aware of the objects (computers, bookcases, walls, etc.) that make up their surroundings and practice safety around them during the exercises. 2) Warm-Ups: a) March in place b) Squat down, stand up, squat down, stand up. c) Step touch (step side to side) and add a clap d) Hamstring curls (lift heels up in back) e) Add a shoe tap to the hamstring curls (arms behind and tap shoes) f) Bring knees up alternately and tap shoes g) Lift knees up high and bring the opposite elbow to the knee, alternate sides h) Bring the opposite elbow to the opposite knee; stay on one side for a while then change sides 3) Geography Jam a) Note that forward is north, backward is south, and side to side is east to west. b) March in place c) Bring heels, alternately, to the north then add a bounce to the step d) Step one heel to the east then the other heel to the west and add a bounce e) Step heels to the north then east and west f) Step heels alternately to the south and lunge down low g) Change to the box step (step forward with one foot then forward with other foot and then step back with one foot and back with the other foot) h) Step touch: east to west i) Skate (alternate lifting heels up behind the body) j) Jump out (one foot to the east and the other to the west) then jump together k) Jump feet out (one to the north the other to the south) then jump feet back together l) Put steps (i) and (j) together (out and together, then front/back and together) m) Step the right heel out to the right and bring it together with the left foot, then step the left heel out to the left and bring it together with the right foot (out together, out together, out together.); add a bounce to the step n) Lift knees up high and bounce, then bring arms up and “raise the roof” o) Place hands on waist and bring one knee up over the other knee (alternate legs) and then add a bounce to the step p) The Pony: step and tap with one foot; change feet (step, tap, change, step, tap, change, step, tap, change.); turn around in a circle q) Rocking horse: knee up in front and heel to gluteus in back, then switch legs r) Little kicks to the north then to the south s) Little kicks east and west t) March around the world in place 4) Cool down a) Lunge down low (alternate legs) b) Rock up and down on heels and toes c) Step side to side d) Reach up high, then reach side to side e) Squat down low then come back up (down and up, down and up, down and up.) f) Staying in the squat position, rotate shoulders one direction then the other direction g) Walk around in the circle

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