The Difference between Wants and Needs

Economy in and between Communities

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Economy in and between Communities

This engaging program will grab and hold your students attention as they are introduced to the key concepts surrounding our community's economy. They will learn the difference between goods and services in both the public and private sector. Lots of real life visuals show people at work—production workers and service workers—and helps students understand the role taxes play in our lives. Personal responsibility, work ethic, and the difference between wants and needs are shown in terms students will understand.

Learn that an economy is the jobs, services and products that people use to live in their communities.

  1. Students will know the types of jobs held by people in the community.
  2. Students will identify examples of private goods and services.
  3. Students will understand the difference between public services and private services.
  4. Students will know how people meet their wants and needs.

  1. Jobs collage. Have students bring in different magazines and newspapers from home. Have students work in pairs or small groups. Students should cut out pictures of people doing different jobs. Students should glue these pictures on a piece of poster board divided into different categories of jobs (you can choose the categories or leave it to the students. Some examples are: “jobs at home, at school, and in the community” “public jobs and private jobs”, “service workers and production workers”). Display student’s collages around the room.
  2. Wants and Needs bingo. Have students make Bingo Cards listing a variety of wants and needs — one in each square (e.g.: toy car, pants, milk, barrettes, etc.) Cut out tabs of paper and mark them “want” and “need.” Pull one tab at a time out of a container and read it to the class. Each student should put a marker on a corresponding box. When someone calls out BINGO, they have to make sure that their descriptions match the tabs pulled. Discuss the items as a class, and determine whether they are wants or needs.

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