World Math Day

#Teacher2Teacher  |  March 20, 2024
World Math Day

World Math Day

World Math Day is on March 23rd, and we're counting on you to flex those brain muscles and get excited about the wonderful world of numbers. Here at ClassOrbit, we love math!

When teaching math, have you ever heard a student ask, “When will we ever use this?” I certainly have. March 23rd is World Math Day and math can be seen and used not only in school, but at home and in sports, too.

It is used every single day. From cooking measurements, determining how far it is to drive somewhere, balancing an online checking account, buying clothes, comparing sports scores, making change for a customer, calculating square footage, etc. Math is all around us!

In addition to our science and social studies videos, ClassOrbit has some great math videos on our platform. These videos provide animation and real-life examples to help math vocabulary come alive. They are also excellent supports for our English Language Learners.

As educators, we know our students make more connections to concepts being learned when those concepts are meaningful, valuable, and applicable. Let's continue to enhance those connections while having fun exploring the math that surrounds us each and every day!

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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