Summer Highlight

#Teacher2Teacher  |  July 13, 2022
Summer Highlight

Summer Highlight

Farmer's markets, for me, are one of the highlights of the summer season. There's nothing that compares to eating as you shop, gathering your fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins for the week! Even better, you get the opportunity to have real conversations with the local farmers and vendors who set up booths for their produce or locally handcrafted products.

When I think about educational experiences for the learners in my life, I try to relate everything back to the real world. Visiting a local farmerís market is a remarkable opportunity to explore and practice a wide variety of skills that will build a solid foundation for life. Think of the possibilitiesÖ

  • Practicing communication skills (greetings, asking clarifying questions, eye contact, etc.)
  • Learning about local produce and how it is grown
  • Planning a meal (or snacks) for the day or week
  • Calculating cost of items (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.)
  • Counting money with dollars and coins
  • Strategies on how to help our planet (recycling, reusable bags, etc.)
  • Building interpersonal skills (verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening Skills, problem-solving, etc.)

Before you head to the farmerís market, you can front load the trip by checking out our videos on different types of nutritious foods and how they are full of nutrients to help our bodies grow and stay healthy.

Thereís also a variety of supporting activities for these videos on ClassOrbit that expand on the skills learned. Making concepts relevant by taking a trip to the farmerís market, for example, helps your learners make sense of the world. Students want to learn about things that have an impact on them in their daily lives, so give them opportunities to make those connections.

You never know what interest you may spark while picking fresh fruit from the farmerís market!

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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