Student Leaders

#Teacher2Teacher  |  March 2, 2022
Student Leaders

Student Leaders

Student leaders are an important element to the classroom community. Inspire students to become leaders by sharing our video, How Leaders and Events Shape Communities, featuring well-known leaders, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Tie in another awesome example of a leader in the community with a clip of Rosa Parks. Students will learn about Rosa's life and how things began to change in the Black community, with her bold choice to stay seated on a bus.

Tie in leadership qualities from Dr. King, Abraham Lincoln, and Rosa Parks with this clip A Good Citizen. Whether it is inside or outside of school, these videos will exemplify leadership qualities and inspire students to be leaders in their own communities.

Encourage students to show what they are learning by having them create a picture or generate a journal entry that describes a leadership quality they can demonstarte in their communities. Share your studentsí art or writing pieces on Facebook or Instagram, @ClassOrbit.

Raeanne Garcia
Curriculum Director
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