Ride a Bike!

#Teacher2Teacher  |  May 11, 2022
Ride a Bike!

Ride a Bike!

May is National Bike Month, which is a celebration of biking as transportation and as recreation. Riding a bike is healthy, fun, and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Plus, itís a family-friendly way to get outside and get fit together. Check out our Riding a Bike video clip to review bike safety rules. Enjoy some simple ways to incorporate biking into your lives:

  • Choose one day each week to ride a bike to school, to the park, or around your neighborhood
  • Create a bicycle group with friends and family and start by planning a weekly ride together
  • Start a biking challenge where people log their miles/minutes the entire month of May
  • Incorporate bicycles into an art project by having kids design their dream bicycle with various colors, features, etc.
  • Organize a biking day where fellow students, parents, and educators meet up to ride their bike together
  • Add in some geography by allowing your kids to research popular bike rides around the world

We hope you and your students find a way to enjoy National Bike Month!

Marissa Hardy

Executive Director at ClassOrbit

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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Riding A Bike
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