Making Reading Fun!

#Teacher2Teacher  |  December 1, 2021
Making Reading Fun!

Making Reading Fun!

We hope you are feeling rested and rejuvenated after Thanksgiving!

Knowing there's only 3-4 weeks until winter break, sparking passion for reading and keeping that fire lit is crucial. Encouraging kids to read during the holidays and winter break can be an even bigger challenge. Why not bring in some fun now to increase excitement and passion for reading across these next few weeks and into the holidays?!

Instead of a book or reading log, try a "Book Spotlight" where your students (or kids if you're a homeschooling educator) send in pictures of themselves reading all over town. You'll be surprised by the creative places kids and teens will find to read a book - in a car, at the hair salon or barbershop, in a tree, or even when sitting next to a snowman!

Your kids will love seeing their reading pictures displayed for their friends and family to see whether it be on a class website, blog, or email newsletter. Of course, get parent or guardian permission first!

Here's a picture of me (right) and some former students (above) from over 10 years ago! We absolutely loved sharing our newest reads, smiled at our innovative reading spots, and truly enjoyed cheering on each other's love for reading!


Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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