Just Dance!

#Teacher2Teacher  |  April 29, 2022
Just Dance!

Just Dance!

As you wrap up this week and head into the weekend, we couldn’t imagine a better day than today to DANCE!

Today is "International Dance Day" and is celebrated every year on April 29th in honor of famous dancer Jean-Georges Noverre. The International Dance Day message aims to celebrate the art-form and bring people together with a common language — dance.

Whether you use our "Boogie Warm Up", take dance breaks throughout the day, have your students perform an original dance, or share your favorite dance scene from a movie or tv show with your students... embrace the joy that dance brings!

Dance is one of the best mediums to narrate a story, convey feelings and emotions, inspire movement, and connect with others and with ourselves.

How will you celebrate the "International Dance Day?"

Happy dancing!

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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