Happy Thanksgiving Break!

#Teacher2Teacher  |  November 23, 2021
Happy Thanksgiving Break!

Happy Thanksgiving Break!

This time of year always helps me to realize how grateful I am for educators like you. It is also a great time for YOU to reflect on all the amazing things you have done and continue to do for the students in your life.

We know this is a well-deserved break and we hope rest and relaxation are on the top of your list. Did you know there are 7 types of rest we all need? I am curious to hear which types of rest you plan on focusing on during your time away from the classroom.

  1. Physical Rest: More sleep, naps, deep breaths, relaxation, stretching
  2. Mental Rest: Listening to music, meditation, silence
  3. Emotional Rest: Offloading emotional baggage, talking to a good listener, therapy
  4. Social Rest: Catching up with an old friend or conversely, taking a break from socializing
  5. Creative Rest: Reading a book, taking a walk in nature, creating art
  6. Spiritual Rest: Doing things that give you a sense of purpose or meaning
  7. Sensory Rest: Turning off devices and screens, finding the quiet
Our staff here at ClassOrbit is thankful for all of the dedication, time, and energy you put into making a positive impact on the lives of our youth. We are sending you warm wishes, a home full of love, and an abundance of relaxation this Thanksgiving!


Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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