Get Better Each Day (Goal Setting)

#Teacher2Teacher  |  January 18, 2022
Get Better Each Day (Goal Setting)

Get Better Each Day (Goal Setting)

We all know this is the time of year everyone sets resolutions, but do you understand the reasoning behind WHY goal setting should become a priority for not only yourself but for the students in your life?

By setting goals and teaching your students to set goals, you are:

  1. Facilitating effective visualization
  2. Providing direction, which most people are either seeking or trying to nail down
  3. Helping to clarify what is important and focusing on it
  4. Facilitating more effective decision making through better self-knowledge, direction, and focus
  5. Taking a more active role in building a future of your/their choosing
  6. Opening up an opportunity for a positive experience of achievement and personal satisfaction when the goal is reached

Once you’ve determined your goals (whether they be for 2022 or the month of February), write them down! By writing your goals down and encouraging your students to write theirs down, you are creating a path towards success. It is proven that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, according to a study on goal setting by Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews.

If they are stuck on what goal they want to achieve, give them some examples such as: starting writing in a journal once a week, give 1 compliment each day, send 1 card every week in the mail, take a break from social media one day each week, etc.

So go ahead…start dreaming, planning, writing, and achieving!


Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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