Embedding the Arts

#Teacher2Teacher  |  August 11, 2023
Embedding the Arts

Embedding the Arts

The arts are essential.

The arts teach students countless lessons - they build critical thinking skills, teach organization of ideas and work, provide connective learning, develop the understanding that small differences can have large effects, affords equity amongst all learners, facilitates collaboration leading to creativity, and the list could go on and on.

Embedding arts into lesson plans and a school culture has also been shown to have impressive benefits across the entire student population in regards to student motivation, attitudes, and attendance. When surveyed by the nonprofit organization Americans for the Arts, members of the U.S. public overwhelmingly agreed that the arts are one aspect of a well-rounded K-12 education.

With all of the evidence highlighting the importance of arts in education, it can still be difficult to embed art activities and lessons into an already packed curriculum. Let us help you!

ClassOrbit embeds opportunities for students to experience the arts through our video library. Take a look at our premade lesson plans below for inspiration on how to incorporate art activities with the students in your lives.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

To your creative success,

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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