Community Connection

#Teacher2Teacher  |  September 13, 2023
Community Connection

Community Connection

Most of us, while we may realize it or not, are part of a community. We may be a part of a neighborhood community, a work community, a food community, a sports community, a volunteer community, or another type of community where we share a common interest.

Communities oftentimes generate a feeling of belonging to a time, place, and culture. It can also provide an opportunity to learn how to communicate and get along with a variety of different people.

Learning about community connections and community helpers is a vital piece of early elementary education.

By introducing children to these concepts at a young age, children will have access to a variety of help and insight from people outside their immediate circle. By being a part of various communities, children can create a sense of place within their world, simultaneously allowing them the opportunity to build strong relationships with others.

When structuring lessons on community connections and community helpers, ClassOrbit has a series of videos all about neighborhoods to seamlessly imbed a direct example of community. The video itself discusses neighborhoods as part of communities, goes into detail about a neighborhood and what a neighbor is, while also elaborating on different families and different kinds of homes within a neighborhood.

Teaching kids how to be a part of community will create connections and a support system that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

We appreciate you being part of our ClassOrbit community.

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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