Clean Hands, Sound Bodies

#Teacher2Teacher  |  October 19, 2022
Clean Hands, Sound Bodies

Clean Hands, Sound Bodies

As we look at the vibrant leaves and breathe in the brisk air outside, it is evident fall has arrived and is planning to stay.

As so many of us educators experience, the cooler air that fall and winter brings can often affect our immune systems and bring about increased susceptibility to colds and flu. Teaching about germs and reinforcing the concept of handwashing can evolve into an entire week-long science series.

Explore our videos on germs, keeping hands clean, how to correctly wash hands, and the importance of soap to emphasize the importance of such a simple hygiene task.

There are infinite opportunities to take this basic hygiene science lesson and make it interdisciplinary by incorporating math, art, literature, and social studies. For example:

  • Create polls and graphs representing handwashing within your classroom or group of students. Find ways to track the amount of times your kids wash their hands before lunch, after lunch, and at home
  • Illustrate a germ character following the science lesson. Give your students art supplies to sketch out their character whether it be a germ, germ catcher, etc.
  • Utilize their art to write a short story about their germ character or germ catcher. Provide them with a problem for their story, and see how they develop their main characters, plot, problem, and solution.
  • Research ancient and current civilizations and see how they kept up with their hygiene. Compare and contrast how they differ from ways in which we maintain our hygiene and health.

Wash your hands, spread the word, and stop the germs.

Happy handwashing!

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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