Beautiful Beginnings

#Teacher2Teacher  |  August 25, 2023
Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings

BIG congratulations on finishing the first few days, or even for some of you, the first few weeks of your new school year! Every beautiful beginning brings so much buzz and excitement to the classroom making it infectious for all of us in attendance.

My son started preschool for the first time this week, and I felt all of those first week feelings I previously did when I was an educator in the classroom. The entire week leading up to school, we worked on how to greet new friends by practicing shaking hands and how to introduce ourselves to buying a physical checklist system to make our morning and evening routines more efficient. I may have gone overboard in preparation for that first day of school, but the first week was positively memorable for all of us.

The love for learning starts at a young age and can truly continue into our adulthood. Fellow educators, I encourage you to…

  • Focus on bringing joy and excitement to your students
  • Continue solidifying all of those routines you set in place those first few days
  • Keep modeling and practicing smooth transitions
  • Dive deeper by figuring out and exploring student interests, and
  • Strengthen those relationships you are beginning to form with your students

You make an impact daily. Thank you for allowing myself and our team here at ClassOrbit to work alongside you to make this school year impactful for both you and your students.

P.S. If you are searching for some great educational videos on basic safety and foundational skills, check out our getting to school safely video and learning all about a calendar.

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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