Autumnís in the Air

#Teacher2Teacher  |  October 5, 2022
Autumnís in the Air

Autumnís in the Air

Crisp Air, Cool Breeze, Fall Leaves - These are just some of the things Autumn brings!

Welcoming in a new season is always so refreshing, especially when itís one with promises of cooler weather and beautiful changes in landscapes. As an educator, it also brings about a vast amount of exciting lesson plan ideas and learning experiences for our students.

With the change in weather, we can begin tapping into the topic of seasons, climates around the world, how the leaves change colors, parts of a plant, and even the scientific process of photosynthesis - just to name a few.

Not only can you dive in deep with these science topics, but you can incorporate various STEAM activities to enrich the learning experiences of everyone involved. On ClassOrbit, we have several videos along with lesson plans to help inspire you during this fall season.

If youíre looking to imbed history in your current lessons, Columbus Day/Indigenous Peopleís Day is set for next Monday, October 10th. As educators our duty is to set our students up to have an understanding of history told from the perspective of all involved. Learning history creates a space in which we can think about a topic pivotal in understanding our country as well as the lens in which we view ourselves and others. There are videos, clips, resources, and lesson plans right here on ClassOrbit, which explore the origins of our land and the origins of this annual holiday:

Our goal at ClassOrbit is to provide you with valuable tools to make learning fun and relevant. It is my hope that these ideas spark joy and creativity when developing your lessons. Now, go outside and enjoy that apple cider and all those fall festivities!

Marissa Hardy
Executive Director
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