Wet Test

Getting to Know Soil

Object Type: Interactive

Wet Test

Media: Getting to Know Soil

One of the properties of soil is water content. Students can apply what they learned about different types of soil and explore how this property affects plant growth.

The purpose of this activity is to correctly identify the amount of water sand, loam and clay hold. After the students correctly label the items, the students can read or hear more information about the water content each type of soil can hold and how it impacts plant growth. If they are correct, a ding sound plays. If they are incorrect, a two tone sound plays. The students can click try again to correct errors.

This activity can be used for a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • All: Whole class could have a discussion of how much water the different kinds of soil hold. Then students in groups or individually can be called on to determine and explain why they think some soils hold more water than others.
  • Provide the students with the same amount of the three soil types and the same amount of water. Have the students pour the water into the soils to see how they each hold the water.

    Science: Have examples of loam, clay, and sand material for the students to touch. Then in small groups have students add water to the different types of soils and see how much each one absorbs. Students can then observe and record how quickly and how the soil changes as it dries out. Writing: Have the students write a statement describing each of the soil types and how they hold the water to reinforce the activity.