Thinking Like A Scientist

The Scientific Method

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Thinking Like A Scientist

Teach students to think like scientists with this colorful, kid-friendly introduction to the scientific method. Difficult terms like 'hypothesis' and concepts like 'interpreting results' will be made understandable with the use of real world activities. Each of the simplified steps is converted to a memorable icon (poster ready art of steps available on-line). Students will understand how they already use (prior knowledge) information to investigate through questioning, observing, guessing, testing and evaluating ideas and phenomena.

Difficult terms like "hypothesis" and concepts like "interpreting results" will be made understandable with the use of real world activities.

  1. Students will understand and be able to implement the different steps of the Scientific Method.
  2. Students will appreciate the need for science in everyday situations.
  3. Students will understand what it means to “think like a scientist.”

  1. Class experiment: As a class, have students discuss possible questions that might require experimentation. Make a list of the suggestions and have students vote for the one they’d like to try. Next have each student write down his or her hypothesis and reasoning. Assign students to work in groups to conduct the experiment. Have each group present their observations to the class. Discuss as a class how or why the results for each group might differ. Ask students to review their original hypotheses and comment on them.
  2. Unscience science: Ask students to work in pairs or small groups to come up with a question that they believe is not related to science. Challenge students to use the scientific method to answer their question. Groups should present their question, their procedure, and their observations to the class. * Supply list and instructions for the experiments that were performed in this video are included in the video listing at our website: .

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