Solar System Crossword

The Solar System

Object Type: Interactive

Solar System Crossword

Media: The Solar System

Your students can practice spelling as they test their knowledge of the key concepts and ideas learned during Solar System, A First Look. Letter helps and hints are available to make your students successful in this 11 term crossword puzzle.

The goal of this activity is to use vocabulary words from the video program to complete a crossword puzzle. Students can practice the spelling and test their knowledge of the terms and definitions from Solar System: A First Look. The crossword puzzle has numbers at the beginning of each word. Click on the first space of any of the words and the screen will show the definition of the word and a picture from the video to help in identifying the word. The light bulb button at the top of the screen will provide an additional hint for defining the word. Students can then drag-and-drop letters from the alphabet bank to the spaces for the term. A bleep and no letter indicate an incorrect placement of the letter. A ding and a letter indicate the correct placement of a letter in the word. If you get stumped, you can get two free letters when you click on the stars in the alphabet bank. Click on the “switch view” button at the top of the screen to move back to the puzzle page and click on a new word. A round of applause follows the completion of the puzzle.

Because this activity includes the vocabulary regarding Solar System: A First Look, it is important to view the video program and review the vocabulary terms. This activity can be used for a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • Whole Class: Read definitions and call on students to guess word. Move quickly in the drag-and-drop by letting whole class spell word as Clicker moves the letters to the word. Pairs/Small Groups: Have students work on puzzle in pairs. Small groups can work as teams to define words. A Scorekeeper can keep track of correct vocabulary words and correct letter placement (spelling) and a winning team could be determined. Individual:Working alone to figure out words and spelling will reinforce concepts. Try to let students working individually have access to the video program to locate unknown terms.
  • Provide “easy” crossword puzzles for students to do before viewing the interactive to practice using the puzzle format. After doing the interactive puzzle, have students think of the terms they did not know well and write them down and look up in dictionary and write down the definitions for those terms.

    Social studies: Students could choose a vocabulary term and research it further and prepare an oral report for the class with a visual support. Language Arts: Students can write an expository paragraph about the video using a specified number of vocabulary words in the paragraph. Science: Students can draw a picture of a graphic of the vocabulary word. Have them write informational “bullet points” describing the their image and any other facts they would like to include about their subject.

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