Rainy Day Recess

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Rainy Day Recess

Enjoy the perfect indoor recess. This exercise program is designed especially for the recess break. This creative workout is divided into three equal parts—'Alphabet Boogie' warm-up, 'Recess Rumble' aerobic workout, and 'Follow the Leader' cool down. Features rhythmic activities utilizing all muscle groups. These easy-to-use routines are designed to be performed at students' desks. Children follow along with on-screen instructors and dance music. Your class will wish for rain everyday!

A rainy day can be fun - clear off your desk and let's play!

Students will participate in physical exercise. 1) Getting personal space: a) Students should clear their desks and the floor of any objects and then stand in the straight standing position behind their desks. b) Students should then stretch their arms so that they may secure their personal space. c) In addition, students should be aware of the objects (computers, bookcases, walls, etc.) that make up their surroundings and practice safety around them during the exercises. 2) Alphabet Boogie Warm-up: A Airplane B Bird C Candle D Door E Elephant F Fox G Giraffe H Hyena I Iguana J Jaguar K Kite L Lunge M Monkey N Nail O Octopus P Penguin Q Quiet R Raccoon S Silly T Tiny U Under V Victory W Wiggle X Xylophone Y You Z Zoo 3) The Recess Rumble workout: a) First, students will march in place while pumping their arms. b) Then, students will change to a “box step” (both feet step forward, then both feet step backward). c) Students will then step side-to-side and swing their arms out in the directions of each side step. d) Students will then add heel lifts to the side to sidestepping movement and begin to skate. e) From the skate position, students will go back to the box step. f) Then, students will step side-to-side (this is a good time to check personal space). g) After checking their personal space, students should then go back to the box step, but this time the other foot leads. h) From the box step, students will then stand with their feet together while bending their knees. i) Then, students will start with their feet together and then jump up and move their feet apart; students will then jump up again and move their feet together. Continue this movement (apart and together, apart and together). j) Students will again start with their feet together and then move one heel out and bring it back then they will move the other heel out and bring it back (out and together, out and together, out and together). Students can then speed the movement and add a bounce. k) Finally, students will raise the roof and lift their knees up in the air (alternate knees each time). 4) Follow the leader Cool Down: a) Squat down low to the ground b) Touch toes c) Lunge down and stretch each hamstring d) Stand way up high e) Climb the wall f) Walk around in place g) Touch the ground

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