Rainy Day P.E.

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Rainy Day P.E.

Features aerobics to music—staying in personal space with 'boogie' warm-ups featuring arm movements (clapping, stretching, circling, patty cake, and swimming), body movements (arms moving with hips, trunk twisting, neck twisting), and leg movements (marching, jumping, slow jogging, double jumps, grapevine step, celebration hand jive dance). Also features rhythm activity using lummi sticks to music.

Explore rhythm and exercise during P.E. on Rainy Days.

Students will participate in physical exercise and rhythm activities. 1) Getting Personal Space: a) Students will stand in the straight standing position behind a desk. b) Students will stretch arms to achieve personal space with neighboring students. c) Students will be reminded about safety, as relating to walls, bookcases, computers, etc. 2) Boogie Warm-Up and Workout: a) Arm movements: i) Clapping at different levels ii) Arm stretching different directions: up, down, out, in (front), in (side) iii) Arm circling: slow and fast, forward and backward (like turning a rope) iv) Patty cake movements: clap knees, clap hands v) Swimming: front and back crawl (freestyle and back stroke), underwater (breast stroke) b) Body movements: i) Twist Rock & Roll: arms moving with hips. ii) Trunk twisting iii) Neck twisting c) Leg movements: i) Marching in place ii) Jumping: 2 jumps apart and 2 jumps together. iii) 4 beat slow jogging (2 in and 2 apart) iv) Jump: half turns v) Double jumps: sideways vi) Grapevine step: 3 steps and a touch hop (or a hop) d) Celebration Hand Jive Dance e) Macarena (suggestion . not shown on video) f) Chicken Dance (suggestion . not shown video) 3) Moving and returning desks: a) Desks are pulled, not pushed b) Students do not get trapped behind desks c) If students are absent, neighbor moves the desk. d) Students help each other. e) No talking. f) Safety factor, where to put desk, not blocking exit, or near computers, etc. 4) Forming the circle: students will form a circle and maintain personal space by extending arms. (Dance suggestions are not on video.) a) Dance Hokey pokey b) Dance Oh Johnny c) Dance Dance of Greeting 5) Rhythm Activities using Lemmi sticks to music a) How to get sticks safely, keeping good body control b) Sitting with sticks, listening to directions, safety rules for sticks c) Understand that sticks vibrate to make noise. d) Experiment with different sounds. i) Basic tapping, clapping, pounding ii) Following simple patterns to music, repeating patterns iii) Flipping right stick, flipping left stick, flipping both sticks e) Following simple routines to music: i) In the sitting position ii) In the standing position f) How to put sticks away, safely g) Equipment Tip: i) Lemmi Sticks can be purchased or made. ii) They can be made by cutting broom mop handles into 8-inch lengths. iii) They can be made by cutting PVC pipe into 8-inch segments. iv) Use colored tape on the ends for ease in giving flipping directions