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Production Workers

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Production Workers

Learn about the people who make or grow the goods we need—production workers. See how these workers make trucks and houses and grow food for the community. Understand simple explanations of the terms goods and services, consumers, income; and learn why people work.

Learn what production workers do and about the goods they produce.

  1. Students will realize that most people work at a job to earn money; they are paid for the work they do. However, some people volunteer their services without an expectation to receive monetary compensation.
  2. Students will understand that people need to buy goods and services, like food, housing, and utilities. Since each good or service has a value, people need to work to earn an income that can match the value of the good or service.
  3. Students will know that many people make a budget to help them decide how much of their income is available to spend on needs and wants and how much to save.
  4. Students will understand that people choose the kind of work they do because they want to feel like a useful member of society. In addition, people will choose a job that they enjoy performing.
  5. Students will realize that people who produce or make something for people to buy and use are called production workers.
    1. Factory workers, farmers, and artists are types of production workers.
    2. Production workers produce many goods, including cars, crops, and artwork.

  1. Before viewing the video

    1. Pop enough popcorn for the entire class. Choose several students to count the class members and divide the popcorn into that many bags. Give the other students each a penny, the cost of one bag of popcorn. The students who bagged the popcorn can set up a stand to sell their goods, or products. They are production workers and the other students are consumers.
  2. After viewing the video

    1. What Kind of Workers Are Parents? For homework, have each student write a short paragraph about what kind of work one of his/her parents does. The student is to draw a picture of the family member and label the drawing with the occupation. Decide if each person is a service or production worker, placing each paper and illustration on a divided bulletin board under the appropriate category. See if there are more production or service workers.
    2. What Is It? Ask for volunteers to tell the meaning of the following words illustrated in the video: service worker, production worker, goods, consumer, producer, income, tax, budget, and private service. Have the class list why families need money. They need money for food, clothing, shelter, utilities, savings, and entertainment.
    3. Production Workers Bulletin Board: Make a bulletin board using pictures from magazines, newspapers, and students of production workers. Give each student a square of paper to draw a picture of a good that consumers buy, creating a border for the bulletin board. Ask the librarian for books about production workers to place next to the board.
    4. Production Workers "Flea Market": Have each student bring something to school to sell. They can bring toy cars, stickers, cookies, crackers, etc. Provide play money to buy the products. Of course, all items must be returned. Each student sets up a stand to sell his/her goods.

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