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What is Food? Drawing on prior knowledge our young nutritionist leads kids on an exploration of nutritious foods, healthy activities and appropriate serving sizes. They'll learn to classify and compare foods by nutritional value and food group. Students will prepare attractive examples of healthy meals and snacks and practice making healthy choices when eating out! Label reading skills are introduced so, after viewing, students will be 'certified hidden fat and sugar detectives.' The new food guide, MyPlate, comes alive with animated elements that children will remember and apply in habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritious foods are full of nutrients that help our bodies grow and stay healthy. Learn how many foods are good for you and start eating them.

  1. Students will learn about the new USDA MyPlate food guidelines and food groups.
  2. Students will understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.
  3. Students will learn how to identify healthy foods and incorporate them into meals and snacks.
  4. Students will discover that eating healthy foods gives us energy to do many activities.

  1. Plan a Menu. Ask students to use the USDA MyPlate food guidelines and lessons from the video to make a weekly menu for their families. Encourage students to consider portion sizes, servings of each food group per day, and their families’ dietary preferences. Ask students to share their menus with their families and report back to class. Send a note home to parents that explains the activity and encourage them to allow their children to grocery shop and help prepare healthy meals.
  2. Tasting Party. After learning about the MyPlate food guidelines and healthy eating, have a healthy foods party. Encourage students to bring several servings of their favorite healthy snack to share in small groups (check with parents for food allergies before having students exchange foods).
  3. USDA Website. Have students visit the USDA MyPlate food guidelines website,, and make a personalized food pyramid as well as participate in online games and activities that will reinforce lessons learned in the video.