19th century immigration

Immigration to the United States

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Immigration to the United States

Revisit America's history of immigration via the correspondence between young Mai in China, and her Grandfather who lives halfway around the world. Follow the trail of letters as grandfather allays Mai's fear of the unknown. He answers her many questions about America's history of immigration. The stories of hardships endured by the immigrants are tempered with the rewards of living free and the impact they made on the greatest cultural "melting pot" in the world.

Learn the reasons people came to America, beginning in the 1600s.

  1. Students will understand the history of immigration to America.
  2. Students will be able to name some of the countries from which people moved to America.
  3. Students will know some of the reasons that people chose to move to America.
  4. Students will know that life for most immigrants was challenging in their home country, only to be met with new challenges in America.
  5. Students will understand the contribution of different ethnic groups.
  6. Know the process of becoming a U.S. citizen

  1. Immigration Research. Have each student in your class choose a group of people from a specific country. Each student should research what life was like for their assigned group in their home country, the reasons these people chose to move to America, where in America they moved to, what their life was like once the moved to America, and the contributions this group has made to the American culture. Students should present their findings to the class.
  2. Family Tree. Ask students to interview their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. Have them design a family tree showing where each of their relatives was born. Students may be surprised to find out that their recent ancestors were immigrants, or they may find out that their ancestors have lived in America a very long time. Encourage students to go as far back as they can in their family history to find out when their family came to America (If a student’s family is relatively new to America, they can also trace the family history farther back and describe the place where their family originated).

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