How Communities Grow and Change

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How Communities Grow and Change

Tour the Historic California State Rail Museum with young Shelby and meet the 'Conductor' of a journey through time. Learn how the first settlements made an impact on future communities. Discover how communities have grown and changed leaving behind historical landmarks and paving the road for technological developments in transportation, communication, and the utilities needed to serve those communities. Learn how natural resources can affect the pattern of growth and the stability of a community and the ultimate impact that community development has on the environment.

Communities around the world are always changing because of the needs of the people that live there and the resources available.

  1. Students will see how a town grows and changes.
  2. Students will learn how families, neighborhoods, schools, and communities respond to growth and change.
  3. Students will understand that as communities grow, both the land and people change.
  4. Students will learn how the environment is impacted by a growing community.
  5. Students will see how our country has grown and changed.

  1. Local history. Invite a local historian to visit your classroom, or take your students to a local history museum. Have students come up with questions about their community to ask the historian. Following the visit, have students draw pictures of how their community looked long ago and how it looks today.
  2. Creative Writing. Have students imagine their community five, ten, and twenty years from now. Ask students to write a story or a newspaper article telling about their community at these points in time and perhaps even farther into the future. Encourage students to think creatively, but to base their work on their current community and the people in it.

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  • Subject: Social Studies: Communities
  • Grade Level: 0-3

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