Different Types of Maps

Different Types of Maps

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Different Types of Maps

Students learn about the different projections possible to represent the round Earth on a flat surface and the various kinds of information displayed on maps. Map types covered include political, physical, relief, climate, vegetation and more. Combining the latest technology with visual images supplied from around the world, this program takes difficult material and provides the student with easy-to-understand visual presentations.

Find out how you would use different kinds of maps for traveling, researching different parts of the Earth, or finding a certain location.

  1. Students will understand that different types of maps convey different information.
  2. Students will become familiar with maps that show physical and human features, organize information about locations, show the boundaries of countries, help people navigate from place to place, and how to use services.

  1. Build a salt relief map. Mix 1 cup of table salt, 2 cups of all purpose flour, and 1 cup of water. Mix until pliable. Place on a heavy piece of cardboard to create a map (use outline of state or country to be mapped to help spread the dough to the right shape. Using your fingers or other classroom tools, create a relief map of an area showing the major landforms. Once dry, paint and label the landforms.
  2. Make an informational map. Encourage students to be creative in creating a map that they believe would provide useful information. Have students pick any type of map discussed in the program. For example, a population map of their community, a map showing the location of all the parks in the community, etc. Maps should be clearly drawn and labeled.

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