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Video: Washington, D.C.

Students learn to appreciate what our nation's capital represents as they travel to Washington, D.C. They identify it as the United States Capital and visit the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Supreme Court Building. They will see the Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, and Vietnam Veterans memorials as they learn about the Capital's great history and of some of its finer traditions.

Student Application

After visiting important government buildings, you'll discover the history and importance of Washington, D.C.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know the history of the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. After the United States formed, the citizens decided that they needed a capital city, which would be the home of the federal government. First, Virginia and Maryland both gave up a little land along the Potomac River for the capital. The location of the city ...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Before viewing the video

    1. Ask if anyone in the class has visited Washington, D.C. Which sites did they visit? Which were their favorites? If no one has visited, what have they heard about the capital?
  2. After viewing the video

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