Using Maps

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Clip: Using Maps

Learn about directions, symbols and scale to help you use a map to find a place or location.

Student Application

Discover the imaginary lines that run around the globe and how they help us navigate to different locations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand the basic components of maps including the compass rose, cardinal and intermediate directions, scale, symbols and legends.
  2. Students will understand how to read and make a grid map.
  3. Students will know the function of lines of latitude and longitude.
  4. Students will ...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Trip around the world. Ask students to imagine that they are being given the opportunity to take a trip around the world. Encourage students to choose places to visit on the globe and create an itinerary for their trip. Much like the cruise in the program. Students should note where they are traveling, how far they travel in each direction, ...

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