Transportation And Trade

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Clip: Transportation And Trade

There are new forms of transportation that are better for our environment, like hybrid cars and the unique Segway human transporter.

Student Application

Explore the land, water and air modes of transportation that move people and products around our communities.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand the meaning and history of transportation.
  2. Students will understand how transportation affects where people live.
  3. Students will know different types of transportation and how they are most useful.
  4. Students will understand the effects of transportation on the envi...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Transportation and trade. Ask students to bring in something from home that came from somewhere else (another city, state, or country). As a class mark on the map where each item came from and discuss how it got to its destination.
  2. Transportation collage. This can be done individually or as a class. Have student...

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