Totem Pole

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Totem pole with forest in background.

Student Application

Enjoy this brief introduction to Native Americans in the West through folk tales, where they lived, how they lived with each other and how they live today.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will gain a greater understanding of the contributions of different groups of American Indians from the West.
  2. Students will realize the importance of culture, storytelling, arts, and the respect for nature in different American Indian groups.
  3. Students will understand how the cultures of those groups...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Make a Totem Pole. Ask students to think of a message, a story, or a lesson that they would like to relate to others. Have students create a totem pole using the medium of their choice (carve soap, paint on paper, etc ask students to be creative). Ask each student to write down what each part of their totem pole symbolizes and explain it to the c...

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