Throwing Patterns With Paddles

Learning Object — Video
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Video: Throwing Patterns With Paddles

Students learn the foot positions, body weight, and release for underhand throwing. Learn paddle use, safety, and the forehand and backhand swings with the paddle. You and your students are taken through this step-by-step tutorial that will reinforce basic skills and build a foundation for new skills.

Student Application

By learning the proper positions for throwing and swinging, you'll be a better athlete and have more fun.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will review the underhand-throwing pattern.
  2. Students will understand how to grip the paddle. The student should place his or her hand through the rope on the paddle and then twist the rope until the rope will not be able to slide off; this procedure will keep the paddle from being thrown or dropped. The student should t...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Review the underhand-throwing pattern.

    1. Starting Position: Each student should hold the ball in one hand and extend it in front of his or her body. The opposite foot should be placed with the toes pointed toward the target and both knees should be bent. Also, the student should lean forward, with ...

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