English Settlers

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Clip: English Settlers

Discover how the English colonies gained the land in the Southeast Region.

Student Application

Discover the history of the land and of the people who settled the Southeast Region of the United States.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will identify the 12 states in the Southeast Region: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
  2. Students will know about the Native Americans that inhabited the area before the Europeans. Independent tr...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Ask students to choose one person or group of people in the history of the Southeast Region that he/she believes made a significant impact on the region. Encourage students to use the video, textbook, and library resources to support their argument. Have each person present his or her argument to the class.
  2. Have students pick ...

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