The Skeletal And Muscular Systems

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Quiz: The Skeletal And Muscular Systems

What does a tent frame have in common with your skeleton? Using practical comparisons, students will understand the importance and purpose of the Skeletal and Muscular systems. By blending live action with animation, kids will see bones move and muscles contract. Colorful animations expose the living bone -- down to the marrow. They'll peek inside a vein and see smooth muscle contract. Young talent demonstrate the interdependence of these systems and tell some of the secrets that make these two body systems...amazing!

Student Application

Learn the parts of our skeletal system and our muscular system and how they work together to give shape and movement to our bodies, including form and movement inside our bodies!

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that tissues make up different systems in our bodies that perform different functions for our bodies to live.
  2. Students will understand that the skeletal system is the frame that gives shape, protects body systems and allows for movement.
    1. The main bones of a human ...

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The Skeletal And Muscular Systems
The Skeletal And Muscular Systems
The Skeletal And Muscular Systems