The Respiratory And Circulatory Systems

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Video: The Respiratory And Circulatory Systems

Real world comparisons introduce students to the circulatory and respiratory systems. They will follow the path of air and blood flow and explore the interdependence of these body systems from inhale to exhale and all points in between. Eye grabbing animations make gas exchange and the flow of blood through the heart crystal clear. Students will be entertained and unwittingly educated as clotting and scab-forming animations address the gross but engaging parts of science. With the help of real-world working lab shots students will see plasma and appreciate the full composition of blood. Every system features positive tips they can apply today for their personal health in 'Keeping the System Healthy.'

Student Application

The respiratory system controls breathing. Our body takes in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide through the breathing process. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the lungs. Our lungs connect our respiratory system to our circulatory system. Every cell in our body needs oxygen and gives off waste. Our blood vessels and blood are the delivery system in our bodies. It takes stuff in and dro...


Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that tissues make up different systems in our bodies that perform different functions for our bodies to live.
    1. Tissues that are together and work for one purpose are called organs.
    2. A system is when a group of organs function together to do a job.

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The Respiratory And Circulatory Systems
The Respiratory And Circulatory Systems
The Respiratory And Circulatory Systems