The Magic Of Magnetism

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Video: The Magic Of Magnetism

Why does a magnet stick to metal objects but not plastic? How can it pick up metal shavings but not wood chips? With the help of a magician, students learn all about magnetism. They discover what a magnet is, the properties of magnets, magnetic fields, and the types of objects that are attracted to magnets. Children learn what magnets are used for and in which simple machines they are found.

Student Application

Discover what a magnet is, the properties of magnets, magnetic fields and what magnets are used for.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know that magnetism is an invisible force that can push or pull objects.
  2. Students will understand that magnets can pick up metals including iron, steel, cobalt, and nickel. Some other metals like copper cannot be picked up by magnets. Other objects like paper, glass, wood, and leather also cannot be picked up by ma...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Before viewing the video

    1. Anticipatory Set: Use two strong magnets for all ideas on this sheet. Dip a magnet into a can of nails, pins, and paper clips. Let the children observe. Put the other magnet opposite of it and see what happens. Discuss what the magnet picked up and how those objects ...

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