The Five Themes Of Geography

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Quiz: The Five Themes Of Geography

When geographers look at a 'Place', they want to know what it is like there. Then, when geographers want to know where a place is, they use 'Location' to find it. 'Human Environment Interactions' shows us how places affect people, and how the people living there can affect a place. Geographers also study 'Movement'—the way people, ideas, and goods or things move from place to place. And to study a place more closely, geographers sometimes divide the earth into regions. Studying 'Regions' shows us how places are alike, and how they are different from each other. Join five enthusiastic students in their high-tech 'Social Studies Lab' to learn about these five themes of geography. Visit locations around the world to understand how geographers study the the earth and the people who live here.

Student Application

Explore the terms that researchers use and will make studying geography easier to understand.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know and understand the five themes of geography:
    1. Place: To describe a place it is important to consider its features, the characteristics that make one place different from another. Many places have distinct physical features such as landforms, bodies of water, climate, and natural reso...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Five Themes Collage: Divide the class into five groups. Assign each group one theme of geography to study. The groups should look through magazines and newspapers for clippings that pertain to their assigned theme. The clippings are glued to a piece of tagboard. Each group should select a speaker who will present the collage to the class an...

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