The Executive Branch

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Video: The Executive Branch

Student’s learn how the Constitution established the Executive Branch and provided for the separation of powers and the relationship of the Executive Branch to the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the federal government. The powers granted to the Executive Branch are covered as well as the requirements for holding the office of President. Also, explains how the Presidency has evolved in terms of its influence and exercise of power since the Constitution was ratified.

Student Application

Understand the role of the Executive Branch in our government.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand how the executive branch was formed by our Founding Fathers.
  2. Students will know the attributes of a President.
  3. Students will name some of the people who support the Executive Branch.
  4. Students will understand the duties of the President and Vice President.
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Supporting Activities

  1. Start a classroom government. Either have students elect, or randomly assign a student to be classroom President. The class should act as congress and propose new classroom rules, or try to change existing rules. The President will have veto power. To ensure fairness, switch Presidents every week or two so that all students have the chanc...

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