Urine And Out

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Clip: Urine And Out

Urine is being collected all the time. It is moved to the bladder via peristalsis in the ureters. Receptors in the bladder communicate to the brain when capacity reached and release is controled via the urethra by sphincter muscles. Releasing wastes is on

Student Application

Digestion breaks down all the food we eat so the important nutrients and molecules can be absorbed into our circulatory system. All of our cells use the nutrients, and as a part of working, create waste that our body systems eliminate. Three very important systems remove waste from our cells. Learn about skin, the respiratory system and why the urinary system is our most important excretory system...


Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that tissues make up different systems in our bodies that perform different functions for our bodies to live.
  2. Students will learn the parts of our digestive and execretory systems and how they work together to get nutrients from our food to all the cells of our bodies and then eliminate the waste creat...

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