What Doesn't Belong

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Interactive: What Doesn't Belong

This 'Pilgrim Era' scene is sprinkled with things that don't belong. Students can use the magnifying glass to get a closer look at them. From transportation to traditions you can compare and contrast students lives to the early settlers of our country.

Student Application

Thanksgiving Day was ordered by George Washington to celebrate the feast the Pilgrims iin 1621 they held after surviving their first year in the New World. Now it is a national holiday meant for spending time with family and friends.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know the history surrounding the first Thanksgiving.
    1. A group of Europeans left England on September 6, 1620, and landed on the coast of Massachusetts on November 11 of the same year. One reason for leaving was that they wanted religious freedom.
    2. The name of their ship w...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Provide each student with supplies to make a Thanksgiving card. Have them draw or color a design for the front of the card. On the inside, they should write a note to a friend or family member, telling why they are thankful for that person. Have the students deliver their cards on Thanksgiving Day. (If this is not possible, they could deliver them ...

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