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Cartoon sat dish

Student Application

The amazing clarity of new Hubble photography helps introduce the new definitions of planets, dwarf planets and small solar system bodies to help us expand and refine our growing understanding of the Solar System.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand about the planets and dwarf planets in our solar system.
  2. Students will determine the order of the planets and learn the differences between the terrestrial and jovian planets.
  3. Students will learn about the size, landforms, atmosphere, temperature, moons, rotation, and orbit of the te...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Model of the Solar System. Ask students to work in pairs or small groups. Using classroom supplies (or have students brainstorm supplies they can bring from home and complete the project in two days) have groups construct a small scale model of the solar system. Students should make sure that their planets are comparatively sized, that they...

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