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Video: Rules Of Punctuation

Using good punctuation helps us write clearly, makes our writing easier to read, and helps our readers understand what we mean. Exciting graphics and video footage combine with the rules of punctuation as students learn about period usage, the exclamation point, question marks, commas, the apostrophe, quotation marks, the colon, semicolon, and parentheses.

Student Application

Learn how punctuation makes meaning clear when writing.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that good punctuation helps people to write clearly, makes pieces of writing easier to read, and enables the reader to understand what the writer is trying to say.
  2. Students will know the basic rules of punctuation as they apply to each form of punctuation (punctuation is underlined in each of the example...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Say what? Divide the class into groups of two, and make sure each student has some paper and a pencil. Have one student each group (the speaker) make up a sentence with various forms of punctuation and say it to the other member in the group (the writer). It is the writer's job to write out each sentence using proper punctuation. After a couple of ...

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