Shoreline Adaptation

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Clip: Shoreline Adaptation

Discover how shoreline plants and animals adapt to their habitat

Student Application

Discover the unique environment where the water meets the land that includes rocky and sandy shores and tide pools.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that a habitat is a place where plants and animals naturally live. A habitat provides food, water, and shelter.
  2. Students will know that the ocean habitat is the largest of all the habitats, the ocean covers about 70% of the earth. The ocean is also home to over 250,000 kinds of living things.

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Supporting Activities

  1. Before viewing the video

    1. Have a Class Quiz. Ask students to tell where they think animals in the ocean live. (Near shore, on reefs, in the open water, and in the ocean depths). Ask the difference between shoreline and reef habitats. What kinds of animals live in each? Watch the video to find the an...

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