Tanning Hides

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Clip: Tanning Hides

The expedition, or ''Corps of Discovery,'' establish a fort in North Dakota and endure a harsh winter. They learn from the Mandan Indians how to tan hides for clothing and shoes. ''Brain Tanning'' is also demonstrated.

Student Application

Find out why President Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the West.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand the reason for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  2. Students will see the Lewis and Clark Expedition reenacted.
  3. Students will learn about the resources and tools used by the Corps of Discovery to survive their journey.
  4. Students will understand the help given to the Le...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Create your own expedition. After viewing the program, ask students to imagine themselves as explorers. Where would they want to go? What would they bring with them? Ask each student to write a journal, make a supply list, and provide maps and journal entries about the details of their expedition. Encourage students to use illustrations and other c...

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