Let's Explore Woods

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Video: Let's Explore Woods

With help from Wanda and her friends, students learn that the woods are home to many kinds of plants and animals. They recognize that woods provide jobs and products and they identify recreational activities associated with woods. Lastly, students learn that all people can help and care for wildlife, and that people can take responsibility and make a difference in caring for the woods.

Student Application

Explore the trees, plants and animals that live in the woods.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will differentiate between the terms "woods" and "forest." In the woods many trees grow closely together. Some woods are very large with a lot of trees; they are called forests.
  2. Students will understand that there are different types of woods, and describe the trees that they contain.

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Supporting Activities

  1. Career Art Journal: Ask the students to choose one of the jobs shown in the video. Have them use construction paper and paints/crayons to illustrate the work life of a person performing the job they chose.
  2. Four Seasons Art Project: Provide each student with a large piece of white paper (larger than 81/2 x 11), pie...

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