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Video: Let's Explore City

Wanda helps us understand what a city is and that it is a place where people live, work, and play. We visit some of the neighborhoods and learn about the different cultures that make up a city. We take a ride on the subway, and see the many ways people and goods move around the city. We learn about the skyscrapers and the people working in them, and we see the many different kinds of homes that people live in. Lastly, we see how people have fun in the city. We visit museums, go to the theater, watch a sporting event, and even see the many different places to eat in the city.

Student Application

Explore life in the city--its noise, neighborhoods and buildings.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that a city is a place where many people live, work, and play. A city is home to many different people and cultures. In addition, cities have many buildings, which contain the businesses that keep the city running, and the homes in which the citizens live.
  2. Students will realize that a city consists of ma...

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Supporting Activities

  1. City planning: Give each student a large piece of white paper and some crayons or markers. Ask the students to pretend they are city planners and draw a map of a pretend city (students should understand that they are not drawing a skyline, they are drawing a birds-eye-view). The students should use the video as a guide to draw the things that each city needs. H...

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