What Is A Graph?

Learning Object
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Clip: What Is A Graph?

Learn what a graph is and how it can help you organize information

Student Application

Colorful graphics make it easy to learn how graphs are used to organize information.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that a graph is a tool that uses pictures, shapes, and colors to convey information regarding the amount of something. One can also use graphs to compare the amount of a one thing to the amount of another thing.
  2. Students will know how to build simple graphs (perform the following process with the class)....

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Supporting Activities

  1. Shoe Graph: Have students sit close together in a circle. Ask the students to remove their shoes and place them in front. Look at the shoes. Put all tennis shoes in one pile, all sandals in another, all oxfords in another, etc. Make a bar graph with the different kinds of shoes in the class. Students should then draw the graph and save their ...

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