Learning About Sorting And Grouping

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Video: Learning About Sorting And Grouping

Explore the concepts of alike and different. Understand the steps taken to sort or classify objects into groups. Learn to group objects according to one attribute and multiple attributes. Discover how the five senses are helpful in sorting objects. Sort objects by texture, shape, size, color, and mass. Learn that sorting relates to a variety of arenas including sorting producers and consumers, money from different countries, animals and plants, geometric figures, and letters and words.

Student Application

What makes things alike and different? Learn to sort objects into groups and discover how the five senses help in sorting objects.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand the classification process, which consists of two actions: Sorting and Grouping.
    1. Sorting is the method by which people separate objects that are not alike.
    2. Grouping is the method by which people put objects together that share a particular characteristic; thi...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Begin by sorting a group of objects (lids of different kinds of containers provide a lot of options) by one attribute (big, not big, etc.). Sort each group into a smaller group, also by one attribute. Continue to sort into smaller and smaller subgroups. Record the sub grouping if possible. When sorting is complete, choose a list of attributes (bi...

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