Identifying Insects

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Clip: Identifying Insects

Three ants identify their difference from ''bugs.'' Song

Student Application

Discover which characteristics make insects different from all other animals.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that with almost one million types, insects are the largest group of animals in the world.
  2. Students will know that all insect bodies have three segments: head, thorax and abdomen, and know their functions.
    1. Head: An insect's head has a mouth, antennae, and ...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Build an Insect: Use clay (body), pipe cleaners (legs), wax paper (wings), and toothpicks (hold clay together) to make insects. Each child can make any insects he/she wants, as long as it has the required three body parts and six legs. Encourage students to name their creations, and use other art supplies for unique features.

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