Learning Object
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Clip: Introduction

A young girl opens a book to discover Abraham Lincoln inside, waiting to tell her all about becoming a great leader

Student Application

A look at great leaders in American history who changed events and became part of history and paved the way for new leaders in our country and in the world.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will identify the contributions of historical political leaders in the United States.
    1. Benjamin Franklin: A leader in the American colonies who helped convince people to fight for independence from the British in the Revolutionary War. As a Founding Father of our country, he helped write the Decla...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Leaders in your community. Ask students to brainstorm who in their community they would identify as a leader and how that person has contributed to the community. If they choose a historical figure, have students do research at the local historical society or library. If the leader is living, have students interview him/her or interview peop...

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