The Solar System

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Clip: The Solar System

Learn how gravity affects the sun and the planets.

Student Application

Discover how gravity affects people and things on Earth and how gravity affects other planets.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that gravity is a force that pulls all objects together. Like all forces, gravity cannot be seen.
  2. Students will realize that the more matter/mass an object has, the more gravity it possesses. The earth has a very large mass; therefore, it possesses a lot of gravity, which pulls all objects close to the e...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Objects that defy Gravity? Challenge your students to find objects that defy gravity. Take this lesson outside. Encourage each student to bring an object (non-breakable) from the classroom or from home that they think won't be affected by gravity. Go outside and test them all. The teacher should bring some lighter objects including a feather or a b...

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